Not only do we offer comprehensive help and care in the maintenance of devices and gluing lines, but also carry out basic and general overhauls and repairs. We carry out complete regeneration and reconstruction of whole devices or their individual elements.

Our standard service includes in particular:

  • overall assessment of the system
  • removal of old and clogged filters and nozzles
  • cleaning and unblocking the melter
  • cleaning and unblocking hoses
  • cleaning and unblocking guns and spray nozzles,
  • pressure cleaning of the entire system
  • external cleaning of the components of the melting system
  • installation of new filters, nozzles, and other worn-out parts of the system
  • supervising  and checking the correctness of assembly and settings
  • checking devices after they have been serviced
  • preparing a system review report for a client

Technicians of Euroterm Techniki Klejenia are available 24/7, offering technical assistance in current operational events, implementing new products, conducting trainings, and starting glue lines.

Our warehouse is stocked with basic spare parts for most of the systems available on the European market.

We offer our partners a permanent service, including servicing of gluing devices, lines, and intervention services.

We provide our regular customers with attractive discounts on spare parts and consumables, and we guarantee a replacement device for the duration of the repair.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Advisors directly.